About me

My name is Lovro, I was born in 1973 in Pula, Croatia. Until I took up photography it seemed that I had not inherited anything from my artistic mother.

I bought my first camera in 1994. This was still in the time of analog photography when fewer photographs were taken and much more time and thinking was dedicated to each shot. At that time I considered photography to be nothing more than one of my many hobbies and I never thought that I could actually earn something with it. Soon after that, as a student in Padova, Italy, I had the opportunity to work with an Italian sports newspaper. I find that the experience that I gained in those years is priceless.

With the advent of digital photography and upon my return to Croatia I temporarily set photography aside. When I came to Pula in 1999 the possibilities to make a living from photography were scarce, especially by engaging in sports photography which was what I had mostly done until then. There were no good laboratories in Croatia in which one could develop slides. It was for this reason that I slowly began to give up on the idea to earn my living by doing photography. I began to actively engage in photography again in 2007. After three years of intense shooting I decided to present my work in several galleries.

I try to record and convey through my photographs the impressive moments that I experience. Such photographs will always have an inestimable value for me, because they allow me to go back to the moment they were taken and make it possible for others to experience it, at least to some extent, because each moment is unrepeatable.

Look at my gallery and decide for yourself on how I understand and experience photography.